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Sewer Cleaning  by Kalin

Special $175: Sewer Video Camera Work. Kalin will TV and Locate Sewer Lines.

A clogged sewer drain can be caused by a lot of things. None of them are particularly “friendly” to deal with.
Wonder why your home’s pipes keep getting clogged when you haven’t done anything wrong? How do you know that your sewer is clogged in the first place? You know because sewage is backing up your main drain in your house. 

Sewer Cleaning can clear tree roots.

A main reason plumbing systems become clogged is because the main sewer line has become partially blocked or damaged. Sewer cleaning can clear most blockages. With age, these pipes are prone to intrusion by tree roots, misalignment, and collapse.

If you’re seeing a backhoe, plumbers and construction workers in your mind, I assure you that your problem can be solved with a simple phone call to Kalin Rooter & Drain of Spokane. 
Kalin Rooter & Drain has the tools and training to clean your sewer drain and give you some tips on how to avoid the problem from recurring again in the future.

Sewer Cleaning can clear this clog

Rooter Service

Kalin Rooter & Drain of Spokane performs Rooter services. The drain and sewer cleaning rooters are a tried-and true way of sewer cleaning and removing clogs and other blockage. A sewer cleaning rooter is essentially a wire with a hook attacked that is designed to clear out a clog or blockage. When applied, it can remove buildup in the sewer without, affectively cleaning it, without damaging pipes or requiring them to be removed

Spokane Drain Sewer Camera

Sewer Camera Video Inspection

Kalin Rooter & Drain of Spokane performs Sewer Camera Inspection services.Sewer camera inspection is a form of telepresence used to visually inspect the interiors of sewer pipelines. A common application is to determine the condition and recommend sewer cleaning or repairs of small diameter sewer lines and household connection pipes.

Sewer Cleaning with a Hydro Jet machine

Hydro Jetting

Kalin Rooter & Drain of Spokane performs Hydro Jetting services. Hydrojetting is a sewer cleaning process that utilizes large volumes of water under very high pressure to literally scour the walls and cleaning the drain and sewer pipes. Unlike mechanical rodding that just cuts a hole in the blockage, hydrojetting cuts roots, grease and debris all the way around the walls of the pipe. This debris is then washed away to leave your sewer or drain pipes as clean as the day they were put in! Kalin Excavating has specialized equipment sewer cleaning using this method. Hydrojetting cleans your sewer like rodding can’t.

Spokane Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting

Kalin Rooter & Drain of Spokane performs Pipe Bursting services.Pipe Bursting is a well-established method for trenchless replacement and repair of worn out and undersized sewer pipes. An existing sewer pipe is replaced size-for-size or up-sized with a new pipe in the same location. The technique is the most cost effective when there are few lateral connections, when the old sewer pipe is structurally deteriorated and beyond repair, and when additional capacity is needed.